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Glaser Referenda
About Referenda
Referendum = a proposed law that is voted upon by the people.
CAN Referenda Attributes - D.O.V.E.
Direct security - CAN uses encrypted multi-level authentication software to ensure privacy and accurate personal identification, and to prevent double voting.
Objective - With CAN Referenda, what you see is what you get.
Valuable - This is a non-partisan and civil forum, designed to be free of special interests and wordplay of any kind.
Effective - CAN routinely publishes results of voting, so if enough digital signatures are collected in favor of a particular referenda, CAN will request the American public take action or justify further inaction.
Glaser Referenda
A full set of proposed laws designed to
(a) reboot the American Republic,
(b) withdraw support for the modern military-industrial complex, and
(c) restore justice, liberty, and sustainable living.